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11 March 2019 – At Heevi Paediatric Hospital in Dohuk Governorate, the survival rate for children with acute conditions has significantly improved since WHO started supporting the paediatric intensive care unit more than 3 years ago. Thanks to the Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) and the Government of Kuwait who helped to equip the unit with beds and medical equipment.

Baghdad, Iraq; 8 March 2019 – Women in Iraq and across the world are entitled to live in dignity, in freedom and without discrimination. Gender equality, a human right, plays a crucial role in sustainable development, peace and security.

Baghdad, 07 March 2019 – International Women’s Day was celebrated today at an event organized by the Directorate for the Empowerment of Iraqi Women at the Council of Ministers.

Baghdad, 07 March 2019 – The United Nations in Iraq commended Iraqi filmmakers, directors, actors, musicians and artists for the production of twenty-four short films covering human rights issues in Iraq, as part of the 3 By 3 Film Festival held in Baghdad 3 to 5 March 2019.

New York, 8 March 2019 Gender equality and women’s rights are fundamental to global progress on peace and security, human rights and sustainable development. We can only re-establish trust in institutions, rebuild global solidarity and reap the benefits of diverse perspectives by challenging historic injustices and promoting the rights and dignity of all.

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 12:33

Uncovering a fish epidemic that stunned Iraq

• Test results from international laboratories confirm that the death of millions of farmed carp in Iraq in late 2018 was caused by fish disease, not pollution.
• The carp suffered from the Koi Herpes Virus (KHV), a lethal disease known to cause almost 100 percent mortality rates in carps.
• Based on these results, we can therefore rule out that chemical contamination played a role in the fish kill, which should reassure the public that the farmed carp is safe to eat
5 March 2019 – On 26 October 2018, a major fish kill episode that wiped out millions of mostly caged farmed carp in Iraq’s central Euphrates region sent the country into major panic. Fear spread that the fish kill was caused by a mysterious pollution that could also poison people, whilst fish farmers agonized over their losses as the source of their livelihoods abruptly vanished.
Deeming the fish kill a national security issue, Iraq’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, immediately assembled a crisis team led by the Ministry of Health and Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture to investigate its causes and take appropriate remedial measures.

Baghdad, 4 March 2019 – The Government of Denmark will contribute an additional 27 million Danish Kroner (approx. USD 4 million) to advance Security and Justice Sector Reform in Iraq in the coming years. This support will be managed and facilitated by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Baghdad, Iraq 4 March 2019 – The government of Japan has donated US$3.4 million to provide lifesaving health and nutrition assistance for vulnerable children in conflict affected areas in Iraq.

Baghdad – The Government of Italy has contributed an additional USD 2.7 million (EUR 2.4 million) to UNDP’s Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) supporting communities affected by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), taking its total contribution to USD 12.9 million.

Baghdad, Iraq; 3 March 2019 – The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) extends its gratitude to the Government and People of Japan for the generous contribution of US$ 1,339,285 to increase access to reproductive health services and strengthen the response to gender-based violence across Iraq.

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