Friday, 08 August 2014 15:22

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General on attacks on Yezidis and other minority groups in Iraq

New York, 7 August 2014- The Secretary-General is deeply appalled at today’s reports of attacks by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) in Kirkuk, and Qaraqosh, and earlier attacks in Tal Afar and Sinjar district affecting mainly the vulnerable communities of Christians, Turkomen, and Yezidis. 

Reports of Yezidis amassing along the Turkish border as well as thousands also trapped in the Sinjar mountains in desperate need of humanitarian assistance are of urgent and grave concern.

The Secretary-General welcomes the successful humanitarian airdrop that has taken place so far but expresses his continuing and deep concern for the safety of those civilians.

The Secretary-General calls on the international community, especially those with the influence and resources to positively impact the situation, to support the Government and people of Iraq and to do all it can to help alleviate the suffering of the population affected by the current conflict in Iraq.

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  • Agency: UNAMI

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