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The SRSG continues consultations with Iraqi leaders on Kirkuk and disputed areas

Baghdad-16 March 2009- The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG) Staffan de Mistura is continuing a round of consultations with a number of political figures in Iraq regarding power-sharing in Kirkuk as well as developments in parts of Nineveh and Diyala governorates.  In recent days, he has held meetings with the Prime Minister’s Office, Iraqi political leaders, Kirkuk Provincial Council Chairman and others.



These consultations with Iraqi politicians will be intensified after the end of the parliamentary recess, and prior to the expected submission to the Iraqi authorities by UNAMI of its analytical report on disputed areas in northern Iraq.  This professional and objective analysis – by no means prescriptive in its nature – covering all the relevant issues in each particular area will be submitted pursuant to UNAMI’s mandate under UN Security Council resolutions to advise, support and assist the Government of Iraq and the Council of Representatives on the development of processes to resolve disputed internal boundaries.


In this connection, the SRSG has recently noted a few inaccurate speculations about his intentions and comments.  For example, contrary to what has been stated by some local and national politicians, UNAMI has absolutely no plans to include in its analysis any suggestion for territorial division of Kirkuk province; nor has the SRSG voiced any opinion about the deployment of the 12th Iraqi Army Division.  “There will be attempts by various parties to present one-sided interpretations of what they think we are doing or would like us to be doing.  This is understandable, but I know that the leaders of Iraq will not make hasty judgments based on press leaks, and will make their own assessment of the quality and usefulness of our reports”, the SRSG said.


On a related issue, UNAMI is continuing its efforts to provide substantial technical assistance to the Parliamentary Committee set up under Article 23 of the Provincial Elections Law, both in Kirkuk and in Baghdad and expects to continue doing so until the Committee submits its report to the Council of Representatives.




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