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Clarifications of UNAMI’s Role on Disputed Internal Boundaries

Baghdad- 5 April 2009- The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), based on UNSCR 1770 and UNSCR 1830 and subsequent UN Security Council meetings, has been working for more than a year on assisting the Iraqi authorities develop processes which would enable resolution of the disputed internal boundaries in northern Iraq.  As part of its work the UN is currently finalizing analytical reports on all areas regarded as disputed and will present its analysis to all relevant authorities within the month.


The reports will include an analysis of Kirkuk governorate and will also explore a number of administrative options, without prejudice to current sovereign Iraqi processes; including the work of the Article 140 Committee and the Article 23 Committee and ongoing discussions between the respective communities in  Ninewa, Kirkuk and Diyala. The analysis provided by the UN is first and foremost designed to stimulate and facilitate dialogue on the way forward with full respect to the unity and integrity of Iraq. The analytical reports are comprehensive in nature and take into account the perspectives of all communities.

As these reports are a work in progress and not yet completed, the United Nations cautions against speculative and incorrect assertions regarding their content, prior to their completion.

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