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SRSG Kubiš Meets Baghdad Governor Tamimi, Turkmen Front’s Al-Salehi, Fadhila’s Al-Hashemi and Tohmeh

Kubiš: Saddened by Terrorist Attacks in Baghdad … Hopes Demonstrations Remain Peaceful … Stresses Need to Avoid Any Sectarian Influences in Fallujah Liberation Operation

Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Mr. Ján Kubiš, met on Tuesday, 31 May 2016 with the Governor of the Governorate of Baghdad, Mr. Ali Tamimi, with whom he exchanged views on the security and economic situation, the situation of IDPs, as well as the challenges that Baghdad is facing in the provision of basic services such as electricity and water, particularly in view of the coming hot summer period. They also discussed the political crisis and the recent demonstrations that took place in Baghdad’s International Zone. While recognizing the right of people for assembly to express in a peaceful manner their needs and expectations and a hope that political forces will take their requests into serious consideration, the SRSG underlined the need to maintain law and order, respect the State institutions and refrain from violence.

Mr. Kubiš also met with the Head of the Turkmen Front, Mr. Arshad al-Salehi, with whom he discussed the political situation, underlining the importance of resuming the work of the Parliament and resolving the current political crisis. The preparations for the fight against ISIL in Fallujah and the question of administration mechanisms of communities in disputed areas once additional ISIL-occupied areas are liberated, were also discussed from the perspective of ensuring the rights and representation of the Turkmen component of Iraq.

Mr. Kubis also met with Mr. Hashem al-Hashemi, Fadhila’s Secretary-General, and Dr. Ammar Tohmeh, Head of Fadhila Bloc, with whom he discussed the current political crisis, underlining the importance of resuming the work of the CoR in view of the emerging security and economic challenges that Iraq is facing. Both interlocutors underscored the need for political blocs to enter into compromise "but not sacrifice" regarding their stances in order to facilitate reaching a political resolution. Reference was also made to the demonstrations, and the need to maintain law and order while respecting the right of freedom of assembly.

After the meeting with the Governor, Mr. Kubiš and Mr. Tamimi addressed the media at a news conference.

Following are excerpts from the news conference:

Governor Tamimi:
Today, there has been a visit by His Excellency the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General. This visit was a very important visit. We discussed many issues and the first issue was the discussion of the security situation, of the overall situation in the Governorate. We discussed other issues. We shared the same views on these files. We discussed the financial crises that the country is undergoing. We discussed other issues including and most importantly the peaceful demonstrations. The United Nations has asserted and underscored the peacefulness of these demonstrations and the United Nations completely refuses use of power against these demonstrations. There will be more meetings that we will have together and we would like to express our thanks to the United Nations for the support they provide for the Governorate in dealing with the IDPs.”

SRSG Kubiš:

I can confirm that indeed the discussion with His Excellency the Governor about the situation in Baghdad Governorate, the City of Baghdad, is very very useful, very thorough, very deep. We talked about security issues; we talked about economy; we talked about IDPs and how they are being provided the necessary support. We talked about issues of supplies, services, electricity and all that is very important for the people of the Governorate to be able to lead their normal lives.

… We are saddened to see almost on a daily basis terrorist attacks against the people of Baghdad. We expressed our condolences and sympathies at the martyrs of the families and indeed hope that the security organs of the country will increasingly prevent these occurrences of such outrages against the peaceful civilians.

… We acknowledged that since last July/August, dozens and dozens of them (demonstrations) took place. They were peaceful; well organised and of course we hope that also in the future these demonstrations will keep their peaceful character, will be well originated and they will follow the necessary law and regulations of the country; will have the necessary permits etcetera. These kinds of demonstrations – they are the right of the people.

… There are operational issues; indeed the liberation operation as regards Fallujah, and the need to avoid any transgressions and any sectarian undertones and influences into this liberation operation. We discussed the very sad fact that Daesh used weaponized chemical substances and indeed in several cases at the expense of the Turkmen component. I confirm that all this is already being followed, including by the Security Council, and we will continue to pay attention to these issues.

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