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UNHCR helps displaced Anbar farming communities to return home

Baghdad 27 June 2016: A UNHCR quick impact project to help an Iraqi farming community which had been been displaced by violence in Anbar Governorate to get back on their feet has been officially completed.

The project to rehabilitate an irrigation canal in Al-Khairat, Al-Garma district, north-east of Falluja in Anbar Governorate, began two months ago. The work, implemented by UNHCR’s partner, RIRP (Rebuild Iraq Recruitment Program), will help local families to be able to cultivate more than 6,500 hectares of land.

The irrigation canal was damaged during the occupation of the area by extremist groups from December 2013 and subsequent military operations by the government to retake control of the area at the end of 2015.

“This project will have a positive impact on the ability of families to rebuild their lives and start agricultural production again”, said UNHCR Iraq’s Representative, Bruno Geddo.

“Our field staff said they could see the satisfaction of families who had returned to their once devastated community when this useful project was completed”, he added.

The project aims to involve the community with the goal of reviving agriculture production in Al-Khairat and will benefit more than 500 families.

More than 2000 families (around 12,000 people) have now returned to Al-Khairat – which had a pre-conflict population around four times that size. UNHCR is currently helping to rehabilitate 250 houses damaged in military operations in the area so more families can return.

Families have already started planting new crops including corn and sunflowers. They will also prepare the fields for growing wheat, barley and carrots.

Two reverse osmosis units have also been installed in Al-Khairat, which will give the community access to safe drinking water.

The project is one of several undertaken by UNHCR to assist conflict-affected communities in Iraq and to help displaced families to return and resume their normal lives.

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Contact Reem Suwaed, Public Information Associate, Baghdad This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; 0780 195 8468

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