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UN-Habitat Launches Mosul Portal – Data and Assessments Platform for Humanitarian and Development Actors

Baghdad, 12 July 2017 – The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) has launched its Mosul Portal ( which will be a key platform to present damage assessments and thematic overviews of Mosul, based on satellite imagery analysis and information gathered from various actors on the ground. In addition, this platform offers a live GeoPortal which allows humanitarian actors to overlay various layers of analysis to assess urban complexities and plan area-based responses.

While the liberation of Mosul from “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)” marks a significant turning point in the conflict, humanitarian and development actors will increasingly face interconnected challenges for the recovery and reconstruction of the city. The Mosul Portal will play an important role in understanding these urban complexities.

One of the key UN-Habitat products that will be disseminated through the portal is the multi-sectoral damage assessment. The assessments give a comprehensive overview of totally destroyed or severely damaged buildings in Mosul and represent the density of damage in Mosul’s neighbourhoods. They also provide analysis of destroyed sites per sector, such as housing, public administration buildings, religious sites.

The latest damage assessments conducted with satellite imagery as of 8 July 2017 reveals that around 8,476 housing sites in all of Mosul have been severely damaged or completely destroyed. In addition, an approximately 5,000 additional houses in the old city have been destroyed during the last few weeks of the military operation to liberate Mosul. This excludes houses with moderate damage that cannot be identified yet with satellite imagery.

The road network of Mosul too has sustained significant damage. The latest infrastructure assessment reveals that with 100km destroyed road length, almost 10% of the road infrastructure in western Mosul is destroyed.

Another key UN-Habitat product available on Mosul Portal is thematic assessments of the city of Mosul, which track and map the recovery of various sectors of Mosul such as schools, hospitals, and water facilities. A preliminary environmental assessment can be found on this portal (, which had been carried out with the Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) in collaboration with the joint unit of UN Environment and UNOCHA. The assessment gives an overview of destroyed and damaged environmentally hazardous sites, such as industrial buildings and medical facilities with medical nuclear wastes and remnants of radioactive materials. The environmental impact will be increasingly relevant now many inhabitants are returning to the city.

Dr. Erfan Ali, Head of UN-Habitat Iraq Programme, stated that the Mosul Portal can be one of the major key sources and platforms to support the recovery and the reconstruction of the city of Mosul in the post-crisis phase in order to prioritize enabling hundreds of thousands of IDPs throughout the country to return to their homes.

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