Message from Ms. Lise Grande, Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, on World Humanitarian Day

Humanitarian Day is celebrated around the world. It's the Day that we remember how many people require humanitarian assistance in Iraq and all of the other countries of the world. And it's the Day that we celebrate and honour the humanitarian workers who provide assistance to people who need it the most.

Here in Iraq, there are 5 million civilians who have been displaced during the current conflict. 3.3 million people are still displaced, including 700,000 civilians who have fled Mosul and are waiting to go home.

On this Day, we ask that everyone remember that humanitarian assistance is a global priority and that everyone, regardless of where they live, regardless of their background, regardless of their political beliefs, has the right to humanitarian assistance.

19 August 2017
Baghdad, Iraq

Video message produced by OCHA Iraq 

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  • Agency: UNAMI
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