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UN Special Representative Kubiš Discusses Cooperation with Baghdad Mayor, Stresses Need for Prominent Role for Women in Politics, Urges Voters to Support Them

Baghdad, Iraq, 29 April 2018 - Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq Ján Kubiš called on the Mayor of Baghdad today to discuss cooperation and how the UN can assist the Iraqi capital in its future plans in the post-Dae’sh period.

In his discussions with Dr. Thikra Alwash, Mayor of Baghdad who also chairs the Iraqi Council of Ministers’ Standing Committee on the Advancement of Women, the SRSG stressed the role of women in politics and urged voters to give professional and highly qualified women candidates to the 12 May parliamentary elections the chance they deserve to contribute to the post-conflict process of reconstruction and rehabilitation as ranking members of the future Council of Representatives and Government.

Baghdad has hosted the United Nations Assistance Mission (UNAMI) since the Mission’s inception in 2003. Since the defeat of Dae’sh structures earlier this year at the hands of the Iraqi security forces, a new atmosphere of optimism has swept the country. Baghdad, the Iraqi capital with a magnificent history that has long been a victim of Daesh’s terrorist attacks, is slowly but steadily beginning to regain some of its old glory, hosting trade and investment conferences, exhibitions, shows, cultural and political events - and most recently the campaigning for the May parliamentary elections.

“After the defeat of the terrorist Dae’sh, it is time for us as UN to reposition ourselves and work more in rehabilitation, reconstruction and development fields in support of Baghdad in many areas that are critical for the normal running of the city, including education or training of experts on how to mobilise investments and support for the needs of the city and its people, including women-led households,” Mr. Kubiš said.

He added there will be subsequent meetings between UN representatives and the City of Baghdad to discuss future assistance and cooperation, and further discussions on more meaningful role of women in political, social, and economic life and how the UN can increase its support for that.

Mr. Kubiš is encouraged to see strong women participation as candidates for the 12 May elections. He urged voters in Baghdad and elsewhere to give a strong vote for women that bring competence, honesty, professionalism and dedication to the democratic process.

“I am very encouraged to see a good number of very strong, qualified and competent women candidates.” The SRSG denounced the verbal abuse and personal attacks against some women candidates, urging voters “not to be taken by the insinuations generated by attacks, intimidation and insults directed against some of the women candidates that aim only to distract and harm, to discourage them and their potential voters.”

“I appeal to the people of Baghdad to go and vote for your candidates in big numbers. Vote for the best and don’t forget that women represent the strongest elements of honesty, of competence and are able and willing to work very hard for change. So, I hope that we will see that Baghdad will vote to parliament a lot of women, and I hope the political leaders are going to give them after the election also respective places in the government because of their qualifications, expertise and education.”


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