Remarks of UNAMI representative Mr. Mohammed Al-Najjar at the forum of the campaign #IraqFreeOfExtremism held in Imam Abu Hanifa al-Nu'man’s Mosque

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Your Eminence Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Hassan Al-Taha

Dr. Salim Al-Jubouri, Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

Your Eminence Sayed Ammar Al-Hakim

Eminences and Excellencies, distinguished attendees

Peace be upon you,

On behalf of the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq Ján Kubiš, and the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, we are honored to participate in this important forum to launch the "campaign of Iraq free of extremism" in the Mosque of Imam Abu Hanifa al-Nu'man "may Allah have mercy on him."

The extremist ideology and terrorism is an exotic scourge on Iraq, the region and the entire world. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to stand firmly against it in order to fortify Iraqi society, especially young people, from adopting the Da’eshi ideology that brought destruction and devastation to society.

Da’esh targeted all the components of the Iraqi people without exception, even the Iraqi heritage has not been spared from terrorism of Da’esh that tried to tear apart the Iraqi social fabric.

The Iraqi military victories and the standing of all the Iraqi components in the face of Da’esh is an evidence of rejection of extremism and terrorism, and a call for tolerance, coexistence and harmony among all Iraqi components. Therefore, the military victories must be accompanied by political, social and developmental victories, and the issues that Da’esh used to exploit the young people, making them adopt aberrant ideology. Comprehensive solutions, mechanisms and programmes should be put in place to solve these issues in order to provide a decent life for all Iraqis that befits the sacrifices made by the Iraqi people, in addition to focusing on development of human beings and benefiting from Iraqi human resources, cultural and social diversity and acceptance of the other.

In this regard, the religious authorities and clerics have a great role to play in achieving this goal by unifying visions, providing counseling and guidance for youth, launching awareness and educational campaigns and issuing fatwas that deny and condemn extremism, radicalism and terrorism. Religious institutions and bodies in Iraq and the region have a major responsibility in this effort. Governments and international organizations must provide all necessary resources to ensure the success of those efforts and to address the effects that Da'esh and its brutal thinking has left on societies.

The United Nations stands ready to assist the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Government to achieve those goals and contribute to the strategy to combat extremism not only in Iraq but in the region and the whole world in order to achieve security, stability and peace among people.

In conclusion, we wish this forum all the best,

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

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  • Agency: UNAMI
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