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Volume 2, Issue 4 July - August 2015

Kubiš: “Iraq is at a very difficult stage of its development. But at
the same time, there is hope, there is potential!”

New York, 7 August 2015 – It has Ján Kubiš: Well, I believe that the raise financial support for, the Iraqi
been six months since Ján Kubiš country is at a very difficult stage of Government and the UN-led human-
took up the post of the Secretary- its development, in particular since itarian efforts to help IDPs and oth-
General’s Special Representative the onslaught of Daesh. It’s a very er people in need.
and head of the United Nations complex situation, full of various Then, of course, another aspect of
Assistance Mission for Iraq influences, both within the country the mission has to do with the politi-
(UNAMI). Over that period, the and in the region. But at the same cal “good offices” to raise support for
Slovakian national and his team time, there is hope, there is poten- the Government’s programmes,
have had to face considerable chal- tial. And that is why I believe that mainly because these programmes
lenges – much like the country it- the Iraqi people and Government as contain elements that are important
self. well as their supporters from the for bolstering political dialogue and
The Government is struggling to international community can still leading the country toward a histor-
rally support from Iraq’s various successfully stamp out Daesh and ic national reconciliation. We try to
political groups and ethnic commu- achieve a level of development that achieve this by being in contact with
nities – precisely when, according to will contribute to the stability, secu- different political representatives
the UN envoy, unity is what it rity and prosperity of the country. who, along with the country’s peo-
needs most to stamp out the Islamic UN News Centre: What is UNAMI ple, are supporting the Government,
State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), doing to help and what challenges but also with various opposition
also known as Daesh, which still does it face? groups based outside of the country,
occupies a third of the country. Ján Kubiš: We, as a mission, are because we believe that only a com-
In addition, the terrorist group’s facing many challenges; if anything, prehensive and holistic effort will
systematic human rights violations because the country itself is facing eventually bring equality to the
have led to an increase in the num- many challenges. We operate in vari- country’s various components and
ber of internally displaced persons ous areas, including the humanitari- minorities.
(IDPs), whose humanitarian needs an level mainly to support IDPs. The Another major area of concern is
are growing every day, even as the country now registers close to 3.1 human rights, with a focus on wom-
attention of international donors is million IDPs, and the UN is at the en’s rights, minorities’ rights and
focused on numerous other crises forefront, together with the Govern- children’s rights. This is an extreme-
around the world. ment, of the efforts to provide them ly important part of our work. Dedi-
The country is a rare example of with assistance. We are also starting cated members of our team are in-
democracy in the region. The cur- to support those IDPs who are re- deed working and following up on
rent Government emerged after turning to their places of origin after specific human rights issues all over
democratic elections. You can see these areas are liberated from the country, and we also work with
this in the work done by the Parlia- Daesh. That is a massive task and, the Government and other institu-
ment and the political forces repre- unfortunately, an underfunded one. tions on this aspect.
sented in it. You can see the vibrant So one part of my work as SRSG is We should not forget about long-
civil society that is there. to advocate in favour of, and try to term objectives for the UN and the
Following a recent briefing to the
UN Security Council, Mr. Kubiš
shared with the UN News Centre
his views on the latest develop-
ments concerning Iraq, including
the need to ensure that some three
million IDPs are able to eventually
return to their homes, the im-
portance of the international com-
munity’s continued support for the
fight against ISIL and his faith in
the country’s democratic institu-
UN News Centre: You have been
heading the UN mission in Iraq
since February 2015. What is your
assessment of the country’s current
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