Iraqi Journalists’ Syndicate – Kirkuk Branch hosts media conference on coexistence and civil peace in Kirkuk

Kirkuk, Iraq, 22 April 2019 - On 20 April, the Iraqi Journalists’ Syndicate – Kirkuk Branch hosted a workshop on the role of media in promoting coexistence and civil peace among different communities in Kirkuk. The event was attended by journalists, media professionals, academics, intellectuals representing all communities, Iraqi Turkmen Front and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan politicians.

Mr. Mohammed Daghistani, President of the Kirkuk Branch of the Syndicate highlighted the role of the media in promoting democratic principles, freedom of opinion and respect for diversity. Speakers recalled the role and responsibility of media to report events avoiding politicization, overcoming personal views, and working in the interest of the community. The use of different languages in the media was commended as a means to bridge differences.

It was emphasised that media, as well as school texts, are significant in recognising and respecting the history of different communities, prepare for coexistence and highlight the richness of the Kirkuk social fabric. In this regard, speakers emphasised the need to teach and maintain the principle of peaceful coexistence through new generations. The conference marked a positive step in Kirkuk’s peaceful coexistence and highlighted new goals of cooperation and the way forward.

Text by: UNAMI Office of Political Affairs - Kirkuk
Photos by: UNAMI PIO/Harith Al-Obaidi

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