UNAMI Human Rights Office holds 3x3 Film Festival in Halabja Governorate

Halabja, Iraq, 24 April 2019 – Students of the Halabja Technical College for Applied Sciences in Halabja Governorate took part in the 3x3 Film Festival organized by the UNAMI Human Rights Office.

After kicking off in Baghdad, the 3x3 Festival continues with screenings throughout Iraq of 12 short films dealing with challenges faced by minorities in Iraq and wider human rights issues. All the films were made by Iraqis from around the country and each film had a female writer, director, or lead character.
After the screening at the Halabja Technical College for Applied Sciences campus in Halabja, some of the 90 students who attended engaged with an expert panel including the Ms. Erad San, Education Specialist, Ms. Soma Yassin, women’s rights activist and lawyer, and Dr. Fahmi A. Aziz, a psychiatrist, writer and civil activist. The films sparked discussion about the need for greater protection of minorities, women’s rights in the home, in the workplace, and in government, and the need to prosecute crimes committed by ISIL.

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