UNAMI Human Rights Office holds 3x3 Film Festival in Babil Governorate

University of Babil, Babil, 28 April 2019: 100 Fine Arts students and academics, the human rights section of Babil University, NGO staff, artists, and the Babil branch of the Iraqi High Commission of Human Rights (IHCHR) joined UNAMI Human Rights Office in celebrating the Minorities and Human Rights Film Festival at Babil University today.

In advance of the screening, the Dean of the Fine Arts Department emphasised that Iraq's young generation want peace and reconciliation.
The UN Human Rights Chief for Iraq, Danielle Bell agreed and highlighted the important role of youth in peace building and social cohesion, noting that human right films may provoke much needed discussion on sensitive topics affecting Iraqis. This exchange of views may build trust, transparency and peaceful coexistence.
The festival audience watched short films on human rights concerns including forced marriage, enforced disappearances, child marriages, lack of access to education, displacement, violence against women and children.
Babil IHCHR highlighted human rights concerns in Babil including unemployment coinciding with crime and drug abuse.
UNAMI HRO is holding the film festivals in all governorates of Iraq.
Photos: UNAMI HRO/Ben Clarke
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