Strengthening the Rights of Minorities

On 10 September 2013, the Article 125 Committee of the Iraqi Council of representatives, with support from UNAMI Office of Political Affairs and Human Rights Office, convened a roundtable on the draft Law for the protection of the rights of ethnic and religious minority communities. The dialogue was held at the Constitutional Review Committee conference hall at the Council of representatives (COR).


In addition to the organizers, participants included the Chairperson of the COR Human Rights Committee, Dr. Qolo Sinjari, member of the Human Rights Commission, Members of the Parliament, representatives of the Civil Society Organizations, representatives of the minority communities, UNAMI officials as well as Iraqi legal experts. The roundtable provided a unique opportunity for lawmakers and minority representatives to engage one another and discuss their concerns in the draft Law. 


The discussions were constructive and all participants at the roundtable agreed that the various components in Iraq play a vital role in nation-building and constitute important building blocks for multi-ethnic diversity within Iraqi society.


The protection of the rights of minority community yet remains a wide and complex issue. In the course of discussions, it emerged that the draft Law still needs a lot of work and significant amount of amendments before reaching consensus. The follow-up meeting/dialogue is scheduled in early October. The drafting Committee is expected to consolidate inputs and comments from participants before the next dialogue. 

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