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UNESCO launches Entrepreneurship Training and advanced IT Courses for Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Baghdad, 30 October 2013; As the humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, more innocent people find themselves obligated to flee violence and seek refuge in the neighbouring countries. With the increasing number of Syrian refugees in Iraq, urgent challenges arise on many levels.



UNESCO, along with other international agencies, has assumed its leading role in responding to the Syrian Refugees Crisis in Iraq.


With the aim to improve the poor living conditions of Syrian refugees in Iraq, UNESCO focuses its attention on education as mean to increase employability opportunities. In this framework, UNESCO is launching an Entrepreneurship Training Course that will provide 75 youth, chosen by UNHCR according to UNESCO criteria, with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes that qualify them to self-manage micro-businesses, and to better cope with requirements and standards of today's employment market.


The training courses are taking place from 29 October to 10 December 2013 in three classrooms provided by the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan Regional Government in Bahadar School, which is located in the vicinity of Domiz camp, and they will be monitored and conducted by special entrepreneurship coaches trained by UNESCO in the framework of previous projects.


Additionally, with the support of the University of Duhok, UNESCO Iraq Office is also providing 24 Syrian Refugee youth with an advanced internationally certified IT training. To be held from 3 November to 10 December 2013, this training course will introduce the participants to divers and efficient uses of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the professional environment. By its conclusion, participants will obtain an international certificate recognized by local and international establishments.


"Acquiring the knowledge and practical skills endorsed in this trainings will grant youth the ability to create opportunities, and not only seize them", stated Ms. Louise Haxthausen, Director of UNESCO in Iraq, confirming that "UNESCO will spare no efforts in supporting Syrian Refugees to help them improve their own living standards, and provide a proper life for their families under such harsh conditions".


As a leading organization in education, and particularly Technical and Vocational Education and Training, and in order to ensure children, youth, adults refugees’ right to education and respond to the risk of youth falling into violence caused by the prevalent unemployment and lack of future perspectives, UNESCO is prioritising projects and activities that aim to improve access to secondary and vocational education, literacy, ICT, entrepreneurial and life skills in both urban areas and camp settings. Planned activities include secondary schools construction and rehabilitation, provision of teacher and master trainer training, catch up classes for out-of-school children, temporary schools, and psychosocial support in line with the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE).


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