Celebrate Human Rights Day in Iraq by entering a mural design competition

UNAMI Human Rights invites you to celebrate Human Rights Day by designing a mural. The competition is open to Iraqis of all ages.

We are searching for eye-catching visual designs that reflect the theme of Human Rights Day 2020:
ensuring human rights are central to the response to COVID and recovery efforts.
The most evocative, powerful, and original entries, as selected by a Committee formed by UNAMI Human Rights, will be interpreted by mural artists, painted in public spaces, and circulated on social media on Human Rights Day – 10 December.

Enter as many times as you wish. Entries can include designs, cartoons, paintings, drawings, and animation scenes.

Submit entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for entries: C.O.B. 30 November 2020
Relevant themes that could be explored in the design include the follow:

1. Ending discrimination of all kinds. Those who are marginalised, poor, and excluded by discrimination are more likely to get sick, have no access to COVID testing and suffer losses of jobs, houses, and other rights.
2. Addressing inequalities so that economic, social, and cultural rights are protected
3. Everyone has a role in rebuilding a post-COVID world - including civil society and the private sector.
4. Encouraging participation and solidarity: Ensuring the voices of the most affected and vulnerable persons inform recovery efforts.
5. Promote Sustainable Development: People and the planet need sustainable development. Recovery from COVID should leave no one behind.
6. Environmental degradation is one of the most pressing threats to the right to life: it is not acceptable to simply go back to where we were before the COVID crisis.
7. The COVID-19 response should respect, protect, and fulfil the right to a healthy environment.

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