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Kingdom of Belgium helps UNHCR support vulnerable Syrian refugees in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq | 8 December 2020 UNHCR welcomes the generous contribution of the Kingdom of Belgium of 1 million EUR toward UNHCR cash assistance for vulnerable Syrian refugees in Iraq.

This assistance will help relieve the dire conditions of vulnerable Syrian refugee families in Iraq. The generous contribution highlights the longstanding engagement and importance the Kingdom of Belgium has placed in addressing the humanitarian needs of displaced and conflict-affected communities in Iraq, thereby alleviating suffering and working together towards long-term and sustainable solutions.

Providing refugees with cash enables them to fulfil their needs in a dignified manner and contributes to the local economy. UNHCR uses cash-based intervention to provide protection, assistance and services to the most vulnerable. Cash assistance helps refugees meet a variety of needs, including access to food, water, healthcare, shelter, that allow them to build and support livelihoods.

The year 2020 has been challenging across the globe. However, the effects of the pandemic on those having faced years of conflict and a dire economic downturn, such as Syrian refugees in Iraq, have been disproportionately harsh. It is momentous that even during these difficult times, the Kingdom of Belgium chose to manifest once again its solidarity and support to Syrian refugees.

Mr. Filip Vanden Bulcke, the Ambassador of Belgium to Jordan and Iraq, said that “Syrian refugees in Iraq have been very vulnerable since they arrived there, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made the already dire conditions they live in significantly worse. This is why Belgium has decided to extend its financial support to UNHCR’s cash assistance program. We are very impressed with UNHCR’s efforts in reaching the most vulnerable, and cash assistance has proven to be very effective in helping refugees fulfill their basic needs.’

“Some refugee families are really suffering as a result of loss of livelihood opportunities due to the pandemic. Being able to provide cash assistance can help them get on their feet again. UNHCR really appreciates the support of donors like the Kingdom of Belgium, who make this possible,” said Philippa Candler, UNHCR Representative in Iraq.


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