Tuesday, 26 January 2021 18:04

Sulaymaniyah rapper Raz Zeki urges listeners to take COVID19 seriously in latest release “Together”

An innovative new rap song, “Together”, on COVID-19 awareness targets youth but carries a message for all age groups.

Performed by Raz Zeki, a Kurdish recording artist from Sulaymaniyah and commissioned by UNAMI Human Rights Office, the rap song reminds listeners of their vital role in containing the spread of COVID-19 while highlighting the importance of helping each other during these tough times.

“After seeing people in public who don’t take Covid-19 seriously, I decided to use my music as a platform to raise awareness”, said Raz. “People need to be constantly reminded and motivated to stay safe. Music is one way to do that”, she added. Now more than ever we need the creativity of artists to inspire us to do better.

The video and sound studio production crew, which includes Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians and Turkmen, reflects the unity and creativity of Iraq’s artistic youth. By listening and sharing “Together” you can support young artists, inspire hope, and raise awareness about health protection measures we all need to continue observing. Whilst the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to decrease in Iraq, many countries have seen a resurgence of the virus to record levels, highlighting the need for everyone to keep following the prevention measures.


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