Monday, 15 February 2021 11:13

FAO signs a Letter of Agreement with the Ministry of Water Resources to provide financial and technical support to the first Water Conference in Baghdad

Baghdad, February 14, 2021: Dr. Salah Al Hajj Hassan, FAO Representative in Iraq, met H.E. the Minister of Water Resource Eng. Mahdi Rashid Mahdi at the Minister's Office in the Capital Baghdad.

The meeting focused on the cooperation between FAO and the ministry in the water sector especially in regard to the rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure and sustainable management of water resources in Iraq, as well as FAO's on-going projects that focuses on the rehabilitation of irrigation systems and efforts taken by the organization to revitalize the Iraqi marshlands.
Dr. Elhajj Hassan presented to the Minister FAO-E.U. funded projects in support of farmers' livelihoods through revitalizing food production, development of strategic value chains, support to income generation, in addition to the maintenance of irrigation systems through the rehabilitation of the Al-Jazeera Irrigation system in Ninawa governorate. Dr. Elhajj Hassan also briefed H.E. on FAO-Japan funded project that aims to provide farmers with solar energy pumping systems in Salah al-Din Governorate and expected impact of this initiative.
The Minister reiterated his appreciation for FAO’s efforts to restore Al-Jazeera Irrigation scheme in Ninawa governorate and other programs that focuses on the development of the water sector across Iraq. Dr. El Hajj Hassan assured H.E. that FAO will be providing the necessary support to strengthen national capacities in the field of water management in general and addressing the agricultural aspect of water scarcity in particular.

After the meeting, FAO Representative and H.E. signed a letter of agreement to provide financial and technical support to the 1st Baghdad water conference that is scheduled to take place on the second week of March 2021 under the title "Planning and Good Governance of Water Resources to Achieve Sustainability." The event is organized under the patronage of H.E the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, with the participation of international and Arab governmental bodies, United Nations Organizations involved in the water sector, civil society organizations and the League of Arab States, in addition to official representatives from Neighboring countries

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