Wednesday, 15 January 2014 13:37

WHO Emergency Response for Anbar Crisis

Baghdad, Iraq, 14 January 2014: The World Health Organization for Iraq has dispatched 2 tons of medicines and medical supplies to Faluja and Ramadi in Anbar Governorate in response to the appeal of the Ministry of Health and Anbar Directorate of Health for medical aid to contain the acute health needs emerging from the ongoing conflict in the said governorate.


"The capacity to adequately and rapidly respond to the increased needs has been overwhelmed by the task at hand" said WHO representative Dr. Syed Jaffar Hussain. He further added: "WHO has accumulated a wealth of experience in responding to emergencies in Iraq and have already started to respond to the most urgent needs including provisions of life saving medications/trauma kits and the support to immunization of children under five."


Anbar governorate has experienced in the recent weeks a surge of violence and armed conflict that increased the health needs not only for the displaced population but also for the host communities where the few health facilities that are still working are no longer able to provide even lifesaving interventions.


"There is an increasing number of patients suffering from injuries which, if not treated, will lead to irreversible damage” said WHO Representative who also hoped to ensure the availability of and access to life saving medicines and medical supplies.

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  • Agency: WHO


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