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Women Health Booklet: Special 8th of March for Women Syrian Refugees

March 8th marks a special day in the history of refugee reproductive health services. It is on this day in Kurdistan Region in Iraq (Dahuk, Domiz) that the first personal reproductive health booklet makes its debut. The booklets purpose is to remedy the needs of the Syrian refugee women.  In honor of this proud accomplishment, due to the efforts of the Ministry of Health along with the strong support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) ceremony took place in Dahuk-Domiz camp to launch this innovative booklet.


The WHB is propriety of women; it’s a tool for health education, continuity of care, synthesis of care and also strong link between women and different levels of health services public or private. In addition of continuity and quality of care the WHB is used by women volunteers inside the camps for education and prevention on sensitive issues: Family planning, ante natal care, post natal care, sexual transmission diseases, breast cancer and self-examination, cervical cancer, violence, premarital counseling, non-communicable diseases.


This booklet will be one of the leading instruments used to facilitate proper health care to the Syrian women and girls of reproductive age and keeping women health and reproductive health as priority in the agenda.


The booklet is catered to fit Iraq context with special attention to the ethical and privacy aspects for these vulnerable women to avoid infringement on their human rights. The booklet has been developed through different stages and pretested by both health workers and beneficiaries.


The booklet will be distributed to all Syrian Women Refugees in and outside camps through Primary Health Centers and Reproductive Health Units supported by UNFPA.


Special guideline and training was developed and implemented to train women volunteers for reproductive health information and education (Using the WHB) inside the camps.


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