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Only within the framework of constructive regional and international cooperation, fight against terrorism can succeed, SRSG Mladenov tells International Counter-Terrorism Conference

Baghdad, 12 March 2014 – Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Nickolay Mladenov, today urged the political leaders of Iraq to put their differences aside and work together to address the terrorist threat that seeks to tear the fabric of Iraqi society. 


At the opening of the First International Counter-Terrorism Conference that started today in Baghdad, SRSG Mladenov noted that the conference can send an important message to the public, “a message of solidarity with a nation that has shown unparalleled resilience and a continuing commitment to build a democratic state at a moment when Iraq stands at a crucial cross-road on its journey towards stability and prosperity”. 


“Iraq will either succumb to violence, or come together and build a democratic state that protects human rights and is inclusive for all its citizens”, said Mr. Mladenov, adding that “finding ways to put an end to terrorism will not be easy, some difficult decisions will have to be made – but together the Government and people of Iraq, with the support of the international community, can find ways to do so”. 


Mr. Mladenov expressed the United Nations’ deepest sympathy to the Iraqi people for the terrible toll that they endure on a daily basis and honored the brave men and women of the Iraqi Security Forces who risk their lives every day to protect citizens from the threat of terrorism. 


He underlined that “the concept of human rights is one of the greatest assets in finding sustainable solutions to countering extremism and terrorism as well as the full community involvement in decisions relating to their security”. “Any comprehensive approach would be incomplete if it were not matched with broad political dialogue, inclusive economic and social policies and community reconciliation”, the UN Envoy noted. He also highlighted the utmost importance of “investing in police and security forces that have appropriate resources and are appropriately trained, while respecting the rule of law and human rights, in particular regarding arrests, detentions and trials”. 


Moving beyond the national level, SRSG Mladenov stressed that only within the framework of constructive regional and international cooperation, fight against terrorism can succeed. He reminded the audience of the establishment in 2005 of the UN Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) saying that “through this Task Force the UN can assist Iraq in promoting its ability to contribute to the international effort to counter terrorism and implement the four pillars of the Global Counter Terrorism Strategy”. 


In concluding, Mr. Mladenov assured the Iraqi people that they were not alone and that “UNAMI and the United Nations in Iraq would continue to work with them and their elected representatives in promoting political dialogue and investing in its biggest resource, its citizens”.

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