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UN, UNESCO officials conclude a 2-day mission to Basra

Baghdad, 27 April 2014 - Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (DSRSG), Mr. György Busztin, and UNESCO Representative to Iraq, Axel Plathe, concluded a two-day mission to the Southern Governorate of Basra known for its outstanding cultural achievements and historical monuments. 


Both UN officials explored with Governor Majid Mahdi Al Nasrawi, Head of Provincial Council Khalaf Abdul Smad, and Director of Antiquities and Heritage Qahtan Al Abeed ways of fostering creativity and cultural life in Basra and preserving the city’s rich cultural heritage.  They also discussed progress made in the nomination of the Marshlands on UNESCO's World Heritage list, and met with the Directors of the Department of Education and the Directorate of Youth and Sport.

With members of the Iraqi Writers Union, Busztin and Plathe discussed the situation of writers as regards to freedom of artistic expression, intellectual property rights, and the production and distribution of literary works.  

“Concrete areas of future cooperation could include strengthening arts education in schools and youth centres, initiatives to stimulate literary creation, preservation of the outstanding manuscript collections in the city, and the provision of technical support for the restoration of the old city”, Mr. Plathe stated, adding that “UNESCO is eager to offer its technical assistance to preserve Basra’s heritage and foster creativity and cultural life in the governorate”. 

“I am very much impressed by the Government’s readiness to harness culture as a crucial element of Basra’s sustainable development”, said György Busztin, while ensuring that the UN stands ready to reach out to international partners and expertise to contribute to the success of these initiatives.


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  • Agency: UNAMI, UNESCO

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