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SRSG Kobler: Sustainable Development in Southern Iraq Is Crucial for the Entire Region

Baghdad, 5 June 2012 – The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Mr. Martin Kobler, visited various locations in southern Iraq on 4 and 5 June. He met with local and governorate officials to discuss political and development issues affecting the area. عربي  كوردی

“The sustainable development of the south of Iraq is crucial,” Mr. Kobler stressed.  “In particular environmental issues, like desertification, carry serious implications for the entire region. Local, national and international actors should all work together to address them in a comprehensive manner.”


SRSG Kobler met with the Governor of Basra, Dr. Khalaf Abdulsamad, and Heads of Districts on 4 June, and discussed a number of issues. These included the political and economic situation in the province, health and environmental issues, youth and education. He stressed his wish to see a stronger role in the province for the UN agencies, funds and programmes that constitute the United Nations Country Team. Later in the day, Mr. Kobler also visited a mine clearance site at the Rumeilah Oil Field.


On 5 June, Mr. Kobler proceeded to Umm Qasr, where he met with tribal chiefs and exchanged views on the situation in the Iraq-Kuwait border area. He also visited the port, and stressed its economic importance for the development of the region.


SRSG Kobler will visit Kuwait on 6 and 7 June. He will meet with key Kuwaiti interlocutors to foster the growing, positive relationship between Kuwait and Iraq.

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