Civil Society Organizations launch campaign against sectarianism, ask UN to participate in materializing civil peace

Under the slogan “No to Sectarianism…Yes to Iraq’s Unity”, the Iraqi Women Journalists’ Forum (IWMF) launched its anti-sectarianism campaign during its 19th media salon session on 22 June 2014.


Participants pointed out that security tensions witnessed in some Iraqi cities, particularly in Mosul, have resulted in the escalation of sectarian rhetoric which in turn have led to the escalation of the conflict. They stressed the need of finding effective means to prevent such rhetoric.

In this context, Hana Adwar, head of the Iraqi Women Network, stated that the consecutive crises afflicting Iraq, the Mosul events being the latest, are attributed to the huge disagreements within the political governing class which has been deeply immersed in the gripping of power, aside from personal tussling of partisan, national and sectarian natures.

Adwar indicated that Civil Society Organizations have met recently to highlight the need for achieving civil and social peace to defeat terrorism and build a democratic and civil state capable of defending citizens’ rights and equality of opportunities in all aspects.

Adwar also noted that in cooperation with other organizations, her organization has activated its initiative launched in 2013 on social and civil peace to defeat terrorism and to build a democratic and civil state. She stated that they have started to form delegations to visit political and international powers besides the UN to exert pressure on those in power to seek political solutions for the current crisis.

A journalist, Mujahid Abulheel, said this is the first step on the right track to unite Iraq and cast off sectarianism.

Abulheel added that during the last few days, the Iraqi arena has witnessed a lot of sectarian rhetoric. Moreover, a number of media outlets and politicians had tried to utilize the religious leadership and reword its speeches to reflect sectarian attitudes. He called upon Civil Society Organizations to defend and hold on to the achievements materialized over the past ten years.

William Warda, External Relations Director of the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, said recent events in Iraq are the result of previous sectarian lineups. He stressed the necessity of acting on the national Iraqi identity levels, which are the only safeguards for the integrity of Iraq and its people.

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  • Agency: UNAMI
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