WHO Technical Team Visits Baharka IDP Camp in Erbil

WHO donates wheelchairs to old people with disabilities WHO donates wheelchairs to old people with disabilities

Erbil, KRI, 13 July 2014.  A team of WHO public health experts visited today, 13 July 2014 Baharka IDP camp north of Erbil city. Mostly from Telafar, the camp shelters about 2000 to 3000 people who are temporarily accommodated in this transit location waiting to be transferred to the south of the country.


During the visit, many children in the camp were suffering from chest infections, diarrheal diseases, vomiting as well as elderly people suffering from chronic diseases. A number of old people with disabilities were also seen without wheelchairs which they reported losing while fleeing the conflict in Talafar. Three wheelchairs were provided by WHO team during the visit.

A big Primary Health care centre with 10 rooms was established in the camp earlier to serve the Syrian refugees who were accommodated here. Erbil Directorate of Health, with support from WHO, has taken the immediate decision of reactivating this PHC and mobilized two field teams of cleaners and electricity workers to finalize rehabilitating it by today 14 July. 

Small buses were spotted moving IDPs from the camp to the airport in their way to the south of Iraq. Many IDPs requested to give sick people the priority to a better conditioned zone in the south. Some of the IDPs also complained of severe psychological stress.

Responding to the optimal health services in this camp, Erbil DOH is putting serious efforts for the improvement of these health services through the rehabilitation and activation of the old PHC in the camp eliciting support from WHO in the form of drugs, disease surveillance, referrals, as well as following up with partners on waste disposal, sanitation, and hygiene promotion.


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