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SRSG, Martin Kobler, Visits Basra and Holds a Series of Meetings

Baghdad, 1 November 2011 - The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Martin Kobler, held a series of meetings yesterday, 31 October, in Basra where he arrived on 30 October from Kirkuk.


SRSG Kobler met with the Governor, Dr. Khalaf Adbdul-Samad and the Chairman of the Provincial Council, Mr. Sabaha Al-Bazony. He thanked them for the warm welcome and expressed gratitude for the support they have been extending to the work of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes operating in the Province. He committed to continue engaging with the local authorities of Basra to identify the areas where the UN assistance is required.


He heard from his interlocutors on the achievements so far made in the province in all fields and on the challenges that remain to be addressed.


"I am very pleased to be for the first time here in this historical city that has all the potential to be the center of one of the most prosperous provinces in Iraq", SRSG said in his encounter with the media in Basra. "I am planning on visiting Basra as frequently as possible and together with the United Nations family operating in Iraq, we will do our best to assist the Province\'s authorities in meeting the needs of the people on the basis of national priorities and the priorities identified locally", he added.


During his visit, the SRSG met with a group of youth at the Basra University. "Youth are the future of this country and I am keen on hearing from them on their expectations and concerns from the country\'s leaders and also from us, the United Nations", he said. "As some of you might know, I have announced on the occasion of the celebration in Baghdad of the 66th anniversary of the United Nations of 24 October, the United Nations team in Iraq -that is UNAMI and all UN agencies working in Iraq, we intend to focus as a matter of priority in the coming months on youth as we believe that it is the best investment to ensure a bright future for the country", he stated.

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