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SC Resolution 1325 Open Day: SRSG Mladenov Calls for Implementation of the National Action Plan

Baghdad, 15 October 2014 – On the occasion of Security Council Resolution 1325 Open Day, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Nickolay Mladenov today participated in a forum held at UNAMI HQ, where civil society representatives and women leaders were invited to debate a broad range of issues related to the promotion of women’s rights and gender equality. 


“More cooperation and collaboration is needed between the civil society and the Government of Iraq towards implementing the National Action Plan on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 as well as other commitments including the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the National Strategy on the Advancement of Women”, Mr. Mladenov told the participants.  He further informed that the upcoming UN Security Council open debate to mark the 14th Anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 later this month is expected to focus on the theme of “Forcibly Displaced Women”. 

The open forum was also an occasion for frank discussions over several other issues, including the support for the appointment of women in senior government positions, the advancement and protection of female journalists, as well as the protection of women IDPs. Mr. Mladenov encouraged civil society and women organizations to better coordinate with the UN Agencies on fulfilling the pressing humanitarian needs of the displaced persons, and urged them to share their findings on the human rights abuses including sexual violence committed by the ISIS and other armed groups, with the UN Human Rights Office. 

In conclusion, Mr. Mladenov assured the participants that “the UN family remains committed to supporting the civil society in ensuring that the Government of Iraq’s obligations towards international instruments to advance women’s rights are met”. 

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