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Launch of the first national database on domestic and gender-based violence

04 Dec 2014
The first national database for tracking cases of domestic and gender-based violence in central and southern Iraq was today launched in Baghdad by the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the State Ministry of Women Affairs and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The database is a milestone in Iraq’s efforts to tackle violence against women. Evidence-based information is pivotal to bringing changes at policy and community levels. The national database will constitute the single detailed source of information on domestic and gender-based violence to inform law enforcement, regional statistics and policy-making.

"We are strongly committed to strengthen the essential role the Iraqi institutions play to combat violence against women," Dr Adam Abdelmoula, UNDP Country Director said. “Access to proper information is key to policy and legislative reforms in this field.”

Since 2011 the UN development agency supported the Iraqi Family Protection Directorate, which is the reporting mechanism of the government for receiving and investigating cases of violence against women, and provides assistance to victims.

UNDP helped the directorate set strategies for implementing policies on gender-based violence, and trained staff and other stakeholders such as judges, legal professionals and civil society organizations in database management and use of evidence-based information.

In the future, UNDP and the Ministry of Interior will continue and join forces to strengthen the role of the Family Protection Directorate, to ensure that domestic and gender-based violence is combatted through a policy and legislative framework that is in line with international standards.



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