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Interfaith Harmony Week: Iraq’s Leaders Must Together Deliver on National Reconciliation Agenda, Challenges of Poverty, Rule of Law and Development, UN Envoy says

Baghdad, 31 January 2015 – The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Iraq (SRSG), Mr. Nickolay Mladenov, today participated in an official ceremony hosted by the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and the Hakim Foundation to mark the Interfaith Harmony Week, an international annual event observed throughout the world during the first week of February.


In his remarks at the conference, Mr. Mladenov underscored that Iraq holds a special place in the history of world religions, as a holy land from which religions and prophets have grown, and that as a country of religious diversity, Iraq is well placed to prove that Islam and all other religions can live together in harmony.

“Today’s annual conference comes at atime when Iraq is under threat from terrorism, violence and sectarianism. It is an opportunity to reject these threats to Iraq’s rich culture oftolerance, harmony and coexistence”, Mr. Mladenov said. 

Acknowledging that today “Iraq is moving to address the root causes of violence, and is engaging on an agenda of inclusion and unity”, Mr. Mladenov welcomed the recent decision to investigate the alleged massacre in Diyala Province as a sign of the Government's willingness to assert the rule of law, protect the lives and rights of citizens, and ensure that those who have fled from ISIL can return home in safety and security.

“As the world has shown solidarity with Iraq against ISIL, so will the international community show solidarity with the efforts to support recovery and reconstruction in the areas freed from ISIL”, he asserted, saying that the United Nations and the Government are working on this together.

“Most importantly”, Mr. Mladenov further stated, “the leaders of Iraq must together deliver on the national reconciliation agenda and address challenges of poverty, rule of law anddevelopment.  They must seek longer-term and durable solutions for the massive number of internally displaced. They must protect the unity of the country and its democracy”, he concluded.

Speech delivered by Mr. Mladenov at the Interfaith Harmony Conference

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