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SRSG Melkert hosts a meeting between Hadba and Ninewa Fraternal List in Baghdad

Baghdad, 5 April 2010—Under the auspices of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) the Special Representative of the Secretary-General Ad Melkert chaired a meeting to discuss the situation in Ninewa including possible approaches to end the current boycott of the Provincial Council by the Ninewa Fraternal List. The meeting was held in Baghdad and was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Rafae Essawi, KRG Minister of Interior Kareem Sinjari, Ninewa Governor Atheel Nujaifi, Member of Parliament-elect Ajeel al Yawar, Head of KDP in Ninewa Khosro Goran, Head of the PUK in Ninewa Harem Agha.


The meeting was a continuation of the work of the Federal Government of Iraq, led by Deputy Prime Minister Essawi, and provided an opportunity to discuss issues related to security coordination, power-sharing, the education sector, detainees, and other aspects related to the administration of Ninewa.

SRSG Melkert said, "I am optimistic that the various outstanding issues and concerns are being addressed in such a way that this will lead to the return of the Ninewa Fraternal List to the Ninewa Provincial Council as part of a broader agenda to enhance security and cooperation throughout the province, including for the minority communities."  "The parties are addressing this matter in a constructive manner and with the intention to ensure the citizens of Ninewa are well served by inclusive and effective governance," he concluded.

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