UNIDO Links Iraq and Poland in Exchange of Experiences on Industrial Zone Development

WARSAW-UNIDO, 24 February 2013 – Iraq, similarly to Poland in the nineties, is an economy undergoing economic transformation from state-regulated to private sector-led development. Recognizing this common characteristic, UNIDO organized a study tour of senior Iraqi officials and representatives from the private sector to Poland to review the Polish experience in using industrial zones, technology parks and special economic zones as instruments of economic development and change.


The event, which lasted for six days, comprised a seminar and field visits where the Polish hosts of the study tour were able to explain different initiatives that were undertaken to develop industrial zones as instruments that could notably stimulate the creation of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), facilitate Poland’s economic integration with neighboring economies and promote the restructuring and reorientation of local economies. The field visits to five zones served to expose the Iraqi side to the concrete results achieved and to exchange views with the management authorities as to the approaches that were taken to make these zones effective in stimulating the growth of the private sector, particularly of SMEs.


“Iraq understands the need to decentralize initiatives for economic development, to stimulate private investment, promote economic diversification and integrate into regional and international trade. Poland has successfully used industrial and economic zones to achieve all four of these objectives. We believe that this exchange between Iraq and Poland will help display best practices and the pitfalls of one of the most successful economic transitions in Eastern Europe,” said UNIDO’s country programme coordinator for Iraq, Cristiano Pasini.


Government of Iraq officials expressed their gratitude to their Polish counterparts and interlocutors and to UNIDO for its efforts to support to the revitalization and transformation of the industrial sector in Iraq.


The study tour is part of a wider UNIDO project aimed at enhancing investments in Iraq through the development of industrial zones. Initiated upon a request from the Government of Iraq and with financial support from the Government of Italy, the project is aimed at promoting investments, creating an enabling business environment for domestic and foreign investors and revitalizing the private sector.


The study tour was organized in close cooperation with the UNDP Project Office in Poland and with the technical support of the Polish Government. It gathered fifteen representatives from the Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Basra Province authorities and the Iraqi private sector. The Iraqi delegation was headed by the Deputy Minister of Planning for Technical Affairs, H.E. Dr. Sami Mati Al-Kasspetrous.


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