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Partnership for Peace … Dignity for All

By: Sanaa Kareem

In many different ways, people around the globe celebrate International Peace Day on 21 September of every year.

With a combination of music, peace, partnership marking the day, several events were organized in Baghdad.

Music lovers enjoyed the concert offered by renowned Iraqi musician and oud player, Naseer Shamma at Baghdad National Theater, to raise funds in support of the internally displaced people.

“I am in an auditorium full with loving people who came to celebrate life, beauty and peace”, said Deputy Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, Gyorgy Busztin in his opening remarks to mark the International Peace Day, adding that “building peace through music, and living such moments of joy and harmony can only mend the wounds inflicted by the incredible violence against the Iraqi people”.

The concert ended with the musical group playing the National Anthem before a standing ovation by the audience. On his social media Facebook profile, Naseer Shamma wrote: “Beauty, life and joy’s loving people deserve all efforts made for them…. Baghdad, we want you the capital of peace the soonest and the mother of us all”.

Also in Baghdad, UNAMI partnered with a group of Iraqi youth volunteers to interview randomly selected passersby about this year’s International Peace Day theme “Partnership for Peace … Dignity for All”, with one interviewee replying: “Peace and dignity are rights not demands”, summing up the Iraqi people’s deeply rooted yearning.

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