Endorsing the UNDAF - A historic moment for Iraq

Baghdad, 11 May 2010 – Today marked a historic moment for the United Nations and the Government of Iraq, with the signing of the first United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Iraq for the period 2011 – 2014. This endorsement solidifies a strong foundation of partnership and cooperation between the United Nations Country Team, the Government of Iraq and national partners, and sets the tone for a new framework of development for the country.


Endorsing the UNDAF marks “in many ways a new beginning but also a continuity because the United Nations works with governments to ensure they have the capacity to look after their people and generate socio-economic growth for all citizens; to ensure that citizens get essential services - health, education, water - that they need for their everyday lives and for the lives of their children”, said Ms. Christine McNab, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, who signed the UNDAF on behalf of the United Nations in Iraq.


With over two years work involving discussion, collaboration and planning with representatives from the Government of Iraq, the United Nations, civil society, academics, and the private sector, and in line with Iraq’s five year National Development Plan, the UNDAF for Iraq reflects the country’s priorities and will aim to contribute towards state and peace building through programme interventions in five key areas: promoting good governance and protection of human rights; economic growth; environmental protection and management; ensuring access to improved basic services for all; and special investment in the capacities of women, youth and children to enable full participation in all aspects of life in Iraq.


Signing the UNDAF on behalf of the Government of Iraq, Dr. Sami Metti, Deputy Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation, acknowledged “that the priorities set out in this programme are highly compatible and consistent with the Iraqi National Development Plan. The Government of Iraq will work closely with the United Nations and its partners to ensure that Iraqis enjoy living in peace and prosperity, and dignity”.


The UNDAF will ensure that the United Nations and the international community will continue to support the government and people of Iraq. Development programmes under the UNDAF will be funded by UN agencies, the international donor community, and co-financed by the Government of Iraq in line with commitments under the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The private sector will also be mobilized to participate in the national development process.


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