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UNHCR opens new camp for displaced Iraqis in Kirkuk

Baghdad, 1 December 2015 - The UN refugee agency last week opened a new camp for internally displaced Iraqis in Kirkuk’s Daquq district.

With capacity for more than 8,400 people, Nazrawa camp is located approximately 20 kilometres Southeast of Kirkuk city, close to the Laylan camp which opened at the end of 2014 and is already hosting close to 8,000 displaced people.

More than 380,000 people are currently displaced in Kirkuk province, representing 12% of the overall 3.2 million internally displaced people scattered across Iraq. Kirkuk province hosts the largest number of internally displaced Iraqis after Anbar (18%), Baghdad (18%) and Duhok (13%) provinces. Of those displaced living in Kirkuk, 34% originate from Anbar, 28% from Salah Al Din, and 26% have had to flee their homes from within the province. Many of the displaced have been living in public or unfinished buildings or staying with the host community.

As of today, Nazrawa hosts 350 new residents, most of which fled conflict in Hawija and Al-Sharqat, in Kirkuk and Salah Al Din provinces respectively. Many more arrivals are expected in the coming days.

“Nazrawa camp responds to a long-standing request by the Kirkuk authorities for more humanitarian support by the international community in the face of a dramatic humanitarian situation,” said Bruno Geddo, the UNHCR Representative in Iraq.

“Building this camp is essential because we have not yet reached a stage where all of those who have fled Diyala and Salah Al Din can return home safely. It is crucial that returns to areas of origin be voluntary and sustainable,” said Geddo. “We encourage local authorities to continue the registration process to allow displaced Iraqis living in Kirkuk to be protected and receive assistance until conditions become conducive for return to their areas of origin,” Geddo added.

Nazrawa camp features 420 kitchens, 420 showers and 420 latrines. In addition, it comprises a school that will soon become operational, a public health clinic and 336,000 litres storage tank for kerosene. Each family will receive 200 litres of kerosene to keep warm this winter.

Nazrawa camp was built thanks to flexible funding from donors. Countries including the US, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Australia, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Canada have been providing UNHCR with unrestricted funding to address the urgent needs of internally displaced Iraqis and allow a timely humanitarian response.

For more information, please contact:
• In Baghdad: Natalia Micevic, Associate Reporting Officer: + 964 780 919 3947
• In Erbil: Chloe Coves, Reporting Officer: + 964 771 994 5599

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