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UNAMI Training course on verification and documentation skills in relation to mass graves

18 February 2016, Erbil: The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Human Rights Office (HRO), in coordination with the Yezidi Organization for Documentation, organized a specialized training course on “on Verification and Documentation Skills in Relation to Mass Graves’’. The training course that took place in Ainkwa, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, from 16 to 18 February 2016, hosted 20 representatives, including seven females, from non-governmental organizations, including Hamourabi, the Yezidi Documentation Organization, Shlomo, Justice Minority Association, Ghosn Zeitoun for Youth, and Howezin Cultural Organization.

The course aims to support civil society actors in the Kurdistan Region in reinforcing their capacity in verifying and documenting violations and abuses perpetrated against ethnic and religious groups in Ninewa Governorate.
The course includes practical exercises based on the various experiences of international experts as well as United Nations human rights staff members in monitoring and reporting with a view to preserving evidence and ensuring accuracy in the process of identifying the bodies of the victims.