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Kubiš at Annual Conference on Violence against Women: UN Stands in Solidarity with Female Victims of Daesh, Calls for Adoption of Family Protection Bill, Participation of Women in post-Daesh Phase

Baghdad, Iraq, 29 October 2016 – At a conference in Baghdad on violence against women, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq Ján Kubiš said the United Nations continues to stand in solidarity with the female victims of Daesh crimes and insists on full accountability for atrocities perpetrated by the terrorist group. He called for the adoption of the Family Protection bill by the Iraqi parliament and urged that women be part of the post-Daesh political, stabilization and reconstruction efforts.

In remarks during the annual conference on violence against women hosted by the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), the SRSG reiterated the United Nations Secretary-General’s statement that “as long as violence against women continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development and peace.”

Mr. Kubiš further stated that the United Nations continues to stand in solidarity with the abducted women and girls, their families and communities. “Women and children are the first victims of Daesh crimes and as the United Nations, we insist on full accountability for human rights violations and atrocities perpetrated by Daesh. We call for justice for all the victims of these heinous crimes.”

He also welcomed the efforts of political and religious leaders towards finding solutions to address violence against women and stressed that protection and empowerment of women shall be central to all peace, justice and development efforts in the post-Daesh period.

Mr. Kubiš said in his address: “Women’s voices need to be heard on issues relating to fighting terrorism and supporting peace-building. There shall be equal participation of women in national reconciliation and historic compromise that will keep Iraq and its people united. Women shall also be a part of stabilization and reconstruction efforts in the liberated areas. Recruiting more women in the health sector, the police, the judiciary and other institutions will ensure gender-responsiveness in addressing violence against women.”

The SRSG specifically called for the finalization, passing and enactment of the Family Protection Bill by the Council of Representatives, and reiterated the importance that its text adheres to international standards.

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