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UNHCR is continuing to step up its help for displaced families from Falluja and surrounding areas.

On Wednesday 22 June a UNHCR team travelled to Al Khalidiya, around 30 kms from Falluja, where many newly-displaced families are sheltering.


UNHCR is currently building two new camps there: one funded by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) and installed by UNHCR partner, RIRP, which will house 255 families. Two Rubb halls – large tent-like structures - are also being constructed.

In another nearby site, UNHCR’s partner ISHO is constructing another camp in Al Khalidiya will house 250 families.

In addition to the two new camps, UNHCR has also built six camps in Ameriyat al-Falluja, with another five camps in Habbaniyah Tourist City (3 completed, two under construction). This will make a total of 13 new camps. 12 Rubb halls are going up. Altogether, the sites have a capacity to house 3,165 families or 18,990 people.

UNHCR is also planning to install 12 350-kwt generators in 11 locations, to bring electricity to 3,032 families.

“The speed and size of the population displacement from Falluja has been overwhelming but we are providing life-saving assistance and catching up", said UNHCR Iraq's Representative, Bruno Geddo.

“I’ve seen new shelters and tents being put up in camps that we are working on in Al Khalidiya. They are desperately-needed.

“I met families who have walked seven hours or more to safety", said Geddo. "People have spent the last few nights sleeping rough with virtually no help. They are very excited to know that soon they will have a roof over their heads tonight and be able to sleep in safety.

“There is a lot that still needs to be done, but we are working flat out to provide much-needed help to the newly-displaced from Falluja”, Geddo added.

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