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Health Cluster meets in Salah Aldin Governorate to map the road for emergency health response to anticipated influx from Mosul

Salah Aldin, 3 September 2016: In light of the unfolding humanitarian needs in Salah Aldin governorate and the expected influx of internally displaced population (IDPs) from Mosul with the start of the government liberation operations, WHO held the first health cluster meeting in Salah Aldin Directorate of Health (DoH) in Tikrit city, capital of the governorate, to discuss means for strengthening the coordination mechanism of the health partners working in the governorate and their response to the urgent health needs of the IDPs in Beji and Sharqat districts.

The meeting which was chaired by Salah Aldin DoH in coordination with WHO was attended by the health cluster partners IOM, MSF, ICRC, IMC, UIMS, INTERSOS, MERCY HANDS, and RI who focused on the limited capacity of Salah Aldin DoH in terms of health provisions in health facilities, lack of medicines, medical supplies and equipment, ambulances, and mobile medical clinics (MMCs).
“WHO and health cluster partners have previously hosted two coordination meetings with Salah Aldin DOH, the first was in Baghdad and second in Erbil,” said Dr Fawad Khan, the health cluster coordinator in Iraq. “In this meeting held at the governorate level, we discussed important issues as the overlapping of activities and importation of emergency life-saving medicines into Salah Aldin DoH”, he added.
Directorate of Health is in regular contact and coordination with WHO and health partners to support DoH to respond to the increased needs of IDPs in the Salah Aldin. Ministry of Health and WHO is also close to finalizing together the DOH’s preparedness plan designed to meet the urgent health needs of the anticipated influx from Mosul in the coming weeks
Salah Aldin is expected to host an additional 400,000 IDPs, expected to evacuate Mosul in the coming weeks during the liberation operations in Ninewa governorate. The three locations of Qadasyiah, Dream city, and Al Oja are currently accommodating the majority of Beji and Sharqat IDPs estimated to stand at 23 000 in the governorate.
Issues like vaccination campaigns, medications, mobile clinics, and human resources were thoroughly discussed among attendees and a deployment schedule with identified locations and time of work for partners’ mobile medical teams was finalized by the DoH on 1 September 2016 to organize their activities in the IDPs transit as well as hosting camps to avoid any overlapping and duplication of services.
The DoH will moreover coordinate with the governorate cluster partners the regular submission of data on the trends of diseases especially the communicable diseases. A refresher EWARN training will be shortly provided by WHO to the DOH staff and new cluster partners joining the field in the governorate.
Next health cluster meeting is scheduled in the DOH Office in Tikrit city in Salah Aldin governorate on the 19th of September 2016.

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