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International Day of Peace in Iraq: Remembering the Sacrifices, Looking to a Better Future

Baghdad, Iraq – 21 September 2017 - International Day of Peace in Baghdad was a time to remember the sacrifices made in the fight to defeat the terrorist Daesh and an occasion to hope and believe in peace, through music and poetry, symbolizing the love for life and a better future.

Speaking at a packed hall in the National Theater in the Iraqi capital, Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General (DSRSG) for Iraq, György Busztin, said in remarks on the occasion that “International Peace Day is an opportunity the world round to renew our resolve to work for a future free of violence and strife”.

There is no place where these words resonate more than in Iraq, a nation that has for decades leapfrogged from one conflict to another.

“Peace is what Iraq needs. This year we celebrate it in Iraq with great hope, hope that the conflict that has torn this country for years is behind us and will be the last”.

The Iraqis have suffered immensely, he said, and “our hope today is that all the differences at the heart of Iraqi society can be resolved by peaceful means, based on understandings free of violence.”

Mr. Busztin went on saying that Iraq faces many challenges, but it will overcome them by strengthening its cohesion and national institutions, re-energizing the economy and building a society based on justice and human rights.

“Those who try to instill despair in the people must remember that the Iraqi people were able to defeat the mightiest terrorist organization because they stood united, and are capable of addressing the pending issues through dialogue and engagement. This is the only course towards achieving peace and reconciliation,” the DSRSG said.

Mr. Busztin pledged continued UN support for Iraq. “This organization was born out of a world war for the purpose of preventing more wars and developing humanity. Just as it stood by Iraq in its darkest hour, the United Nations will continue its efforts with you for an Iraq that is free, democratic and home for all its people.”

The event included poetry recitation from Tunisia and an evening of music performed by one of Iraq’s favorite sons, the legendary master of the Oud string instrument, Naseer Shamma.


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