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UN’s Kubiš Congratulates Iraqis on the Liberation of Mosul: ‘A historic Victory for Iraq and the World and a Resounding Defeat for Daesh and Terrorism, signaling their end’; More Work Ahead for Iraq on Road to Recovery and Lasting Peace

Baghdad, 10 July 2017 – The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for Iraq, Mr. Ján Kubiš, wholeheartedly congratulated the people and Government of Iraq on the liberation of Mosul from the terrorist Daesh. This victory provides an outstanding opportunity for Iraq to rise again strong and united, he said, stressing that despite the crushing of Daesh in Mosul the fight against terrorism is not over yet and more work lies ahead for Iraq on its road to full recovery and lasting peace.

“This is a historic victory for Iraq and the world and a resounding defeat for Daesh and terrorism, signaling their end. The nightmare that the people of Mosul have endured for three years is over. Mosul is finally free. The terrorist Daesh’s so-called Caliphate, ushering in an unprecedented reign of terror, is in the final convulsions,” Mr. Kubiš said. “Their moral bankruptcy and collapse was best illustrated by their barbaric destruction of the al-Nouri Mosque and its landmark leaning minaret from where they in 2014 declared their false Takfiri project of the so-called Caliphate,” Mr. Kubiš added.

“As we rejoice with the Iraqis, we remember those who have lost their lives or who have suffered tremendously from Daesh’s terrorism. And we salute the continuous efforts of the security forces to rid the liberated areas of terrorist pockets and potential sleeper cells,” he said.

The SRSG added that the battlefield triumph was the culmination of a series of heroic actions, with Iraqis taking the lead in the fight to liberate their country and the world collectively rallying to their support.

“The credit goes first and foremost to the Iraqis themselves. Heroism and martyrdom of the Iraqi Security Forces, the Popular Mobilization Forces, the Peshmerga, and tribal units, with the military backing of the International Coalition, were instrumental in achieving this victory. The price has been very high, but for Iraq the unity of the people and the country has been at stake. By jointly destroying Daesh in Mosul the people of Iraq have sent a resounding message that they see their future together,” Mr. Kubiš said.

The Special Representative commended the Iraqi security forces, and particularly Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, for the extraordinary efforts they have made to save and protect lives of civilians. “Their efforts have been exceptional,” he said.

Although the liberation of Mosul delivers a knockout blow for Daesh, the terrorist group still controls some parts of Iraq, can still mount attacks and threaten stability.

“During their onslaught, the terrorists have spared no one and have stopped at nothing. They have massacred unarmed men, women and children, and have used them as human shields. They have enslaved thousands of women and girls. They have been exacting severe punishment on everyone who disagreed with their extremist views or barbaric inhumane rule, causing untold suffering to the innocent and helpless people. They have waged a war of annihilation against Iraq’s communities and heritage wherever they set foot, destroying equally mosques and churches in total disregard of the sanctity of religious beliefs.
All those acts of terror should be treated as war crimes, crimes against humanity,” Mr. Kubiš said.

Much work lies ahead for Iraq on its road to full recovery. In addition to restoring security and the rule of law to the liberated areas, the immediate priority is for accelerated stabilization efforts to enable the millions of civilians who have fled the fighting across the country to voluntarily and safely return to their homes and restart their lives, to be followed by reconstruction. The massive humanitarian work should run parallel to a robust political process to conduct elections and achieve national and societal reconciliation and rebuild the social fabric in order to ensure justice, dignity and sustainable peace for the future generations.

Protection of civilians and enforcement by the state of law and order against criminal and other unlawful armed groups in conflict and in the post-Daesh phase is paramount. Sustainable peace also requires that justice, accountability, tolerance and the respect for human rights should be the guide in all future actions with particular attention to the most vulnerable – women, children and minorities. Perpetrators of atrocities should be brought to justice and violators of the human rights of the people should be held accountable, the SRSG said. It entails eradicating the extremist and militant ideology from the minds of those influenced by this scourge. Also, it entails the right of return to home for all, without demographic manipulations, revenge attacks, retribution or forced evictions.

“The peace the country and the citizens desperately need and truly deserve must be based on solid foundations of unity, cooperation, justice, tolerance and coexistence starting at the societal, community and tribal levels to prevent falling back into the past and risk disastrous consequences,” Mr. Kubiš said.

The SRSG called on Iraqis to look forward to the future with unshakable optimism and engage in meaningful dialogue in a spirit of partnership to resolve the differences that are hampering progress, to fight corruption that is draining the treasury, to reform and re-energize the economy to put the country on the track towards more jobs and prosperity. He also urged the Government in Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil to build on the exemplary military cooperation in the battle against Daesh and to start working now towards resolving the pending issues, notably the issue of the KR-I independence referendum, implementation of Article 140 of the Constitution, as regards to the disputed boundaries and territories and the status of Kirkuk in particular, through dialogue and genuine partnership.

“The United Nations, which stood by Iraq in its darkest hour three years ago when Daesh seized large areas of its territory and was at the gates of Baghdad, will support Iraq in the post-Daesh phase with resolve and vigor, working with the government, central and local authorities, political leaders, the diverse components and communities, tribes and minorities, the civil society organizations as well as youth and women groups. Mr. Kubiš said. “A part of this is to provide assistance to election management bodies – a reconstructed, reformed IHEC and KIHEC - in support of the elections, notably the 2018 Council of Representatives elections that must take place in its constitutional term,” Mr. Kubiš added.

“The road ahead will be fraught with challenges, but the time now is to salute the Iraqis and honor their sacrifices. Today is Iraq’s day, and I wholeheartedly congratulate the Iraqi people for steadily taking back and rebuilding their country as a common home for all.”

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