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UNDP Provides Grants to Iraqi Civil Society Organisations

Baghdad, 28 April 2013 – UNDP has signed grant agreements with eight Civil Society Organization (CSO) consortia in Iraq, representing 31 local CSOs across the country.

The CSOs will be supported by UNDP to carry out initiatives that help promote human rights, anti-corruption and adequate service delivery in Iraq.
This is part of the “Empowering CSOs in Iraq” project that seeks to strengthen CSOs to promote and monitor government accountability. Under this project, UNDP will work hand in hand with the eight CSO consortia to deliver projects that leave a positive impact on the daily lives of the Iraqi people.

Throughout the implementation of their projects, the CSO consortia will receive direct coaching from UNDP staff. During the selection phase, the consortia received practical training and direct assistance on project proposal writing and project cycle management. The CSO consortia will continue to receive such support, including on-the-job training and knowledge-sharing.

This project is funded by the Iraq UNDAF Trust Fund with Danish Government funding and is implemented in partnership with UNOPS. The project is also supported by the Committee on Civil Society of the federal Iraqi parliament and the Committee on Civil Society Organizations within the Kurdistan Region’s parliament.

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About UNDP Iraq
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been present in Iraq since 1976. Since 2003, it has worked to support the Government and people of Iraq in their transition towards reconciliation, peace and stability.  UNDP has also been supporting emergency physical rehabilitation projects in addition to improving the quality of basic service delivery, including health, water and electricity.

More recently, UNDP has contributed to strengthening the democratic process in Iraq through its support to the 2010 national Parliamentary elections and the 2013 provincial elections. UNDP continues to work with Iraq in the areas of anti-corruption, rule of law, justice, human rights, public sector reform, private sector development, inclusive area-based planning, mine action, disaster risk reduction, and environment and climate change. UNDP has also made helping Iraq to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the 2015 deadline a top priority, especially in the areas of primary education, employment and access to safe and reliable water and sanitation services.

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