UNAMI Spokesperson and Director of Public Information Office , Ms. Eliana Nabaa, recently gave an interview to UN Radio, on the Head of Mission's recent visit to Lalish Temple, the Holy Shrine of the Yazidi community, in Sheikhan.

A terrorist attack on the United Nations Headquarters in ‎Baghdad, Iraq, on 19 August 2003, claimed the lives of 22 people.

Iraq is one of the most volatile and complex humanitarian crisis in the world. Over the last year the number of Iraqis requiring life-saving assistance has quadrupled to more than 8 million people, with 2.9 million forced from their homes since January 2014.

As the violence hit Iraq in mid June 2014, millions of people became internally displaced. The UN World Food programme was able to respond by scaling up scaled up its lifesaving operation and provide food assistance to more than 1 million people thanks to a generous contribution from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Yazidi are an ancient religious group living mostly in northern Iraq. In June 2014, militants swept into their towns and villages -- kidnapping, raping and killing. Many Yazidis fled to Mt.

WHO-WFP :Eight purpose-built mobile medical clinics arrive in Erbil. A gift from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Iraqi people

Since the upsurge in violence in June, WFP has provided food assistance to more than 1 million Iraqis.

WFP has established a number of field kitchens with its local partners in Dahuk Governorate since the August wave of displacement. However, the area remains a grave concern.

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