Baghdad, September 25, 2017- A new project will promote the social and economic inclusion of about 3,000 conflict-affected Iraqi youth by facilitating their engagement in youth-led community development activities, peacebuilding initiatives and micro-entrepreneurship projects. The Project is financed by a US$2.75 million Grant provided by the Japan social Development Fund (JSDF).

Baghdad, 27 August 2017 – The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq, Gyorgy Busztin, presented today the final recommendations of the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” Youth Forums on national reconciliation, which were held earlier this year all around Iraq, to the Prime Minister’s Advisor Mohammed Salman. Representatives of the youth who participated at the forums were also present at the meeting.

Recommendations of the Youth Forums on Reconciliation presented to PM’s Adviser

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14 August, 2017 – Baghdad, Iraq

On her first international trip, the UN Youth Envoy saw first-hand in Iraq the devastating effects of conflict on youth but also witnessed hope in them, and encouraged the young women and men to be leaders in their communities. Underlining the importance of engaging and empowering youth, Ms. Wickramanayake commemorated this year's international youth day in Iraq, at an event with the Minister for Youth and Sports, H.E. Abdul-Hussein Abtan and over one thousand young Iraqis.

UNSG Envoy on Youth visit to IDPs Camp in Baghdad’s Hay al Jameaa

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UN Envoy on Youth visits a Youth Center in Baghdad

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Sunday, 13 August 2017 09:12

UN Envoy on Youth meets Iraqi Youth

UN Envoy on Youth meets Iraqi Youth

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Iraqi youth celebrate International Youth Day - Baghdad, Iraq
12 August 2017
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BAGHDAD - Iraqi youth from Sulaymaniyah and Diwaniyah to Baashiqa and al-Kut are hoping that the recommendations promoting tolerance and reconciliation they have adopted at the series of meetings of the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” over the past four months will climb to the national agenda as the country prepares to tackle the challenges in the period after the defeat of Daesh terrorists.

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Baghdad, 20 May 2017 – After four months of cross-country meetings, the “Iraq: Youth and Coexistence” forum concluded with an overarching national conference in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad today, full of hope that recommendations drawn from deliberations involving hundreds of youth from Iraq’s diverse areas will impact the political drive to achieve national reconciliation in the period after the defeat of the Daesh terrorists.

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